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By on March 10, 2014

Every day, countless people walk thru the doors of GNC Live Well, health food stores or stand in front of the “health food” aisle at their local grocery store, scanning the shelves of protein or “meal replacement” shakes. Their decision is usually based on the following:

- price vs. quality over quantity
- convenience (instant gratification – you walk in, you walk out vs. having to order and wait for it to be delivered
- what is written in BRIGHT, BIG, BOLD letters on the front vs. the ingredient list on the back
- something they read in a magazine or saw on The Dr. Oz Show (Do remember Television Show hosts and celebrities get PAID to promote these things. It doesn’t mean that it is exactly their opinion. Anyone remember Oprah promoting her love for the Microsoft Surface from an iPad? Case in point)

I wonder if all these people realize that the moment they walk out the door with that purchase, ready and full of EXCITEMENT at the prospect of finally losing those extra pounds, feeling better than they ever had and one day looking just like that hot bodied person stamped on the front of that tub of powder they’re holding that there is one BIG difference, that makes ALL the difference than if they had of purchased Shakeology® thru a coach???

What is the difference? They are COMPLETELY all on their own!!!!!!!

Their purchase simply supported the growth of a LARGE company, that’s vision is based solely on numbers & retaining your money, not whether or not you succeed. Their products are produced in mass quantities and they market to attack those who want instant gratification with little to no thought or hard work put in.

No one from that company is going to check in on you, provide support and encouragement when you are feeling down, cheer you on when you reach a goal or provide assistance and help answer your questions to help you understand health, fitness and clean eating.

Why am I different?

I faithfully use the programs. I have done Insanity, P90X, P90X2 and I currently doing P90X3 I also own 10 minute trainer and the new program 21 day Fix.

And I drink Shakeology EVERYDAY,

I don’t just sell the products, I am a product of the product. My story and my body is a living testimony that the products work.

I attend every single corporate event offered by Beachbody within driving distance and every trip offered where I receive an abundance of training to help make me a better person and coach everyone I help profits from.

When you DECIDE to COMMIT I will help you to SUCCEED. I am with you from that very first moment you start “thinking about it”, when you scan the “shelves” of Beachbody, when you actually click on PLACE ORDER. I become part of your life, part of your journey. I will even take you shopping, help you create meal plans, and most importantly I will become one of your biggest fans and best friends. I am the one who will text you, call you, email you to check on you for FREE. The only thing I want is for you to SUCCEED. All I expect is your friendship and honesty in return.

Tell me, where else can you get that?

Contact me To COMMIT!!

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