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By on June 16, 2014

Is Piyo For EVERYONE! It is a high intensity low impact workout that can be modified to meet everyone’s needs. It is meant to improve flexibility, torch calories and get you in the best shape of your life!

There is no jumping in this workout so it is great for someone who needs a low impact option. It will overall give you a toned, sleek, and complete body transformation. Piyo is inspired by Pilates and Yoga and was developed by Chalene Johnson who is also the creator of two of my favorite workout programs Turbofire and Chalean Extreme. There are no weights required for this workout.

piyo workout

What Are The Details?

The workouts are anywhere from 25-45 minutes long.

You can receive your copy of Piyo 2 weeks prior to the launch of the program on Beachbody so make sure that I am your assigned coach and you have contacted me to reserve your copy of the workouts. HAVE ME AS YOUR COACH!!

Also, as a coach you can receive 25% off your Piyo Purchase as well. So make sure to ask me about the preferred customer discount.

What PiYo Workouts Included?

  • Align
  • (46 mins): The Fundamentals

  • Upper Body
  • (35 mins): this focused workout will strengthen and stretch your entire body, while building on the movement patterns you have learned in Align.

  • Define: Lower Body
  • (25 mins) will shape and tone everything from your glutes, hamstrings, quads and calves gently, yet effectively to help you get sleek and lean legs.

  • Sweat
  • (35 mins) is a traditional PiYo Workout that is fast paced with body weight strength training and ab work!

  • Core
  • (30 mins) an ab-centric workout that targets every angle of the abdominals and back. I’ve read this will be a calorie-torcher too!

  • Drench
  • (45 mins) is a total body workout to get you sweaty, burning calories, and going to have your metabolism on fire!

  • Strength Intervals
  • (25 mins) designed to tone the whole body and burn tons of calories with no weights required!

  • Sculpt
  • (30 mins) no weights are required for this intense, full-body workout either!

  • Get the full set when they go on sale by signing up for an email reminder.
  • You’ll receive 9 workouts total plus get them 2 weeks earlier through a coach – sign up to get them first here
    Piyo will be released on June 23rd to Team Beachbody customers. You can be the first to score your copy of the Piyo Challenge Pack and land yourself a spot in my challenge group. This is a group of individuals who are committed to starting and finishing the program and getting the best results possible. In order to secure a spot you have to be willing to give it 100% commitment over the course of the program! You must be willing to invest in the fitness, the nutrition and the support. If you put some skin in the game I am more than willing to meet you half way!

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